Stop the cruelty of Australian magpies and have magpie trip-traps prohibited

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Australia’s most iconic song bird was introduced into New Zealand 150 years ago to eradicate insects for farmers and did an excellent job. When Chemicals were introduced the Magpies were no longer needed. In 1951 magpies lost the protected bird species classification.

University studies on this matter have all concluded the magpie is of no threat to native birds or the ecology. Despite being regarded as one of the most intelligent social species on the planet New Zealand citizens and councils are inhumanly, using a magpie trip-trap then proceed to shoot, poison, or drown magpies whilst they are in the trip-trap. 

I want the  New Zealand Parliament House of Representatives to advise the minister  of the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to review the welfare of animals caught in Trip-Traps and prohibit the use of magpie trip-traps . 

I have been involved with the rescueing of magpies that have been trapped in trip-traps and most of the magpies have severe injuries including a ripped scalp , broken and bleeding beaks , and are always showing a lot of distress. The council has let me rescue some of the trapped magpies as long as I don’t release them but there has been over 1 million cruel deaths and without a change For a new law legislation the animal cruelty will continue for magpies . Magpies were voted Australia’s bird of the year once again and Australia geographic proposed the magpie is the most intelligent animal species overall. The no 1 best selling book on Amazon 2017 was  a true story about a pet magpie named penguin and is adored worldwide.

New Zealand’s animal cruelty has to stop! If my petition is successful I Have a solution for New Zealanders that still wish to remove magpies from public places and privately owned properties . I have started  a non profit organisation for rescue magpies and will organise the magpies to be trapped and taken away  to a new magpie sanctuary .

Myself and others are being affected and many people of Australia were horrified of the matter and I will appreciate my petition to be shared on social media to create awareness and I will do everything in my power to save the Australian magpies !