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Stop Seismic Blasting in New Zealand

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Seismic blasting is a where a boat, in this case, it's the Amazon Warrior. The biggest Seismic blasting vessel in the world coming in at a whopping 125 meters, travels around the ocean shooting an extremely loud air gun, 100,000 times louder than a jet engine into the sea every 10 seconds. They do this in search for oil and gases.

The Amazon Warrior arrived in New Zealand a while ago and was welcomed to the Wellington port by protesters. The Amazon Warrior set off to somewhere between Napier and Kaikoura and had its AIS off for at least 5 days for except briefly on one of the days, but by maritime safety laws, they are required to have it on because it isn't just breaking the law, it's dangerous. These laws are here to protect against boat collisions and any other sort of incidents. The Amazon Warrior needs to be brought to the law for endangering anyone else that was at sea around them that day.

Also, Seismic blasting means they are looking for oil, which could mean they have plans to mine for oil later on and this has made people very angry. New Zealanders love the ocean and we pride ourselves on how clean our waters are. Also, who's to say that if they do drill for oil, how do they know something won't go wrong because if it does we could just as easily have what happened to the Gulf of Mexico where millions of litres of oil spilt into the sea.

Seismic blasting affects marine life substantially and they're doing it where thousands of whales and dolphins call their home. The boom that that seismic blasting creates echoing through the ocean which can chronically impact whales and dolphins. Also, it could deafen them. These animals rely on their hearing to survive, it's how they communicate, it's how they find their food. A deaf whale is a dead whale.

This seismic blasting vessel came even when the Auckland and Christchurch voted against offshore oil surveying.

So from this, we don't want our beaches and marine life to be in danger.

What we want;

We want offshore oil prospecting to cease immediately, with that any plans for oil drilling in New Zealand's clean, beautiful waters. Also, for the Amazon Warrior to be brought to the law.

If we get enough support we all can help end Seismic blasting.

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