iHemp is not a Drug Remove industrial Hemp from the Misuse of drugs act MoDA 1975

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To the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, & the minister of agriculture and food safety Damien O’Conner. We the signatories of this petition request you make a order in council exempting or removing the industrial Hemp cultivars you approve for cultivation in NZ from the prohibitions in MoDA or completely from  MoDA itself. 

The 2006 iHemp regulations clearly defines what is a safe acceptable level of THC in iHemp and plants falling within this safe range are to be regulated within the iHemp regulatory framework.

It also defines what is cannabis / marijuana to continue to be regulated by the misuse of drugs act and their regulations.

In the interest of public health, economic wealth, and environmental sustainability, the signatories & stakeholders in the NZ Hemp industry request that you make a decision on this matter urgently.

Either supporting this request or alternatively producing the scientific evidence or the director generals giudlines for drug prosecution, supporting your departments position that any products derrived from the industrial hemp plant can not contain 1 molecule of a restricted drug or prescription medication even if those levels pose no threat or harm to human or animal health nor a threat to public safety as in the food regulations.

 iHemp and products derrived in part or in whole from the iHemp plant naturally contain the plants molecules, Including THC and all other naturally occurring cannabinoids and their acidic precursors, these products include shoes, t shirts, hats ropes and biodegradable plastics to name a few.

Cannabinoids can be found in hops, liverwart, cacao, echinacea, pepper and other plants, and in iHemp products at levels that do not bare any danger or threat of misuse as a drug by the NZ public and the environment of animals and plants used in food production due to residues in export products. 

Evidence you have that GMO’d palm kernel is safer to import and feed to our food producing animals than iHemp and cannabinoids remain as metabolites in animals fed iHemp over 15 days and are a threat to international trade. 

The science that a stand down period of animals fed iHemp before export would not be a suitable resolution to allow this historical functional animal feed to take its rightful place back into the worlds agriculture. 

The object of the iHemp regulations is to enable this industry and exempt products created from this industry from prohibitions pertaining to illegal cannabis in MoDA. 

Therefore we would like confirmation that the levels of Thc and cbd found in these products meet the solicitor generals requirements for prosecution for possession or dealing of a such drugs.

Evidence that is contrary to the affidavits we have from Keith bedford ex senior member @ ESR, and 3 memebers appointed to working group tasked by the government to carry out the trials that in 2003 saw the regulations submitted to the drafting office. 

The NZHIA chairman, The ex GM of Medsafe, and the MAF policy analyst who was the dept chairman of the Hemp licensing committee.

Industry is hindered by regulation 67(2) Please provide the proof the the other restrictions imposed by law, meet the solicitor generals guidelines for prosecution. 

We have seen change last year to allow only hempseed to be used in human food. Yet it is only one small step in the real cannabis debate, which seems to be dominated by recreational and medical cannabis.

Both of these issues deter us from the correct historical use of this natural plant as a major agricultural crop & functional food in our animals diets and the human foodchain, which are essential for boosting both humans and animals ability to maintain homeostasis vital for human and animal health.

We now have a number of ex senior pharmaceutical staff employed by National during their term, who still hold senior roles within MPI and MOH advising the minister in bias.

One offical in a senior role at MPI is the ex GM of Pfizer pharmaceuticals NZ (who are documented to offer all senior staff stock options) and have major interest in agricultural medications as in they acquired Weyth. https://run.unl.pt/bitstream/10362/35670/1/Esteves_2018.pdf 

MPI advise Hemp is prohibited from the environment of food producing plants and animals due to the cannabinoids found in low harmless levels in The crop. 

History, horticulture and science shows us Naturally grown cannabis sativa historically was called Hemp and was one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world dating back to before written history. 

Marijuana had not been invented prior to the 1930’s and was a word invented by industrialsts who were also politicians in powerful positions to demonise Natural Cannabis as a harmful and dangerous Plant capable of tearing your family apart and sending people on killing sprees.

Im sorry but I know many lazy hopeless people that are just that without drugs. 

If this plant is so dangerous and such a threat to our international trade Mr O’Conner have those advising you why does THC pass so freely through the blood brain barrier (our brains protection system) and why does every single cell in any life form with a spine have receptors for cannabinoids. 

If humans and animals naturally internally create these cannabinoids and drugs like anandamide which is almost identical to Thc within our own bodies, like we do endorphins our internal morphine. Science shows us the building blocks for endogenous chemicals must be found in our diet and if the diet is deficient in these essential building blocks it is a human right to supplement any dietary deficiency. 

All of this was to remove the major competition of the time for industry now the truth is known.

Hemp with low Thc is not able to be used as a drug crop due to male and female plants grown together, the low THC content of the plant is safe for both animals and humans as it’s sole focus was reproduction and survival.

If NZ is to truely capatilise on any sort of cannabis industry, we need to be removing those with alterior motives from your departments and taking great leaps forward which I believe this government can do given truthful and factual information.

 In the early 90’s Prior to New Zealand joining With Australiain food safety in 2001 the New Zealand public had access to a full range of hemp products without any concerns or dangers to public health. This included products made from the whole plant, teas, chocolate, and roasted seeds.

The National govt put a moratorium on issuing cannabis licences in 1994 which was lifted by the Honourable Annette King then minister of health for Labour in 2000 /2001

NZHIA have spoken at length with the then GM of Medsafe and the MAF policy anyalist, who Both have said industry by due democratic process should have been consulted on any changes affecting this industry. So changes that National made without industry consultation to the ACVM are a regulatory oversight and need to be corrected ASAP. 

The only cannabinoid the iHemp legislation restricts in the Regulations is THC. CBD was known at the time of drafting the regulations, this is contrary to what your senior staff at MOH told industry in 2016 that it was not known, as it is even mentioned in the drafting of the legislation, yet unlike Thc, the levels in the crop do not require testing due to its inability to cause harm or be used as a drug as per the WHO.

If it did then as Keith Bedford notes ESR would have got the protocols for testing CBD and the industry would have had to test for both Thc and cbd. 

Industry agree that any large therapeutic dose of CBD as an extract of marijuana, could have Drug interactions with other prescription medication and this needs to be prescribed by a physician.

Dr Ben Jansen is quoted in saying 

“Grapefruit is more dangerous than cbd”as it acts on the same p450 liver enzyme yet we don't ban this?

 At its November 2017 meeting, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) concluded that, in its pure state, CBD is not a drug and does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm. CBD is not currently a scheduled Drug in its own right. (only as a component of cannabis /marijuana extracts)

Industrial Hemp is Cannabis Sativa L genus that contains no more than 0.35% THC in flowering leaves and tops. 

 Now in the Information age the New Zealand public are able to understand why this versatile functional food was removed from agriculture around the world, it was simply racism and greed.

 We ask that the newly elected govt of New Zealand remove Industrial Hemp from MoDA and allow the industry to take advantage of all economic opportunities that the industry currently presents without restriction. 

 Isn’t It’s time to again lead like we did with allowing women to vote, and not follow the rest of the world ? Hemp answers so many of the current issues New Zealand faces we ask that you do your own research and support our petition.