Mandatory for farmers to provide shade from the sun for farm animals.

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In this time of climate change, our summers are becoming hotter and hotter. Many farm animals in New Zealand have very little if any protection from the sun in their paddocks. It is known that for cows, with their thick hide, any temperature over 24 degrees Celsius is extremely uncomfortable if not unbearable for them. I have seen cows herded together to try to obtain some shade from one another. We wouldn't expect humans to tolerate such conditions so why is it perfectly acceptable to treat animals like this?

Please sign this petition to urge the New Zealand Government to make it mandatory for all farm animals to have some form of shade from the sun. If not from natural means then by man made structures. Currently,  under the Animal Welfare Act, the minimum standards in the code of welfare do include the need to provide shelter to protect animals from any reasonably expected climatic conditions likely to compromise their welfare and survival. 

This Act may have sufficed in our predictable past weather patterns. However it is not enough any more and there needs to be a more specific law introduced to look after our animals as the temperatures soar to record heights.