Halt 5G in Queenstown & Arrowtown Area

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From the 3- November we have redirected our request regarding this petition so that a clearer goal is reflected, this is due to more research around the issue locally and with consultation with various experts such as Sue Gray, Lawyer, who will be delivering this petition to the QLDC on the 12th of December. 

“- a request for them to write to the government requesting that the Ministers for the Environment/Health/security apply the Precautionary Principle (in the absence of adequate information about health effects and other implications) and push pause on the rollout until it is clear there are no adverse effects on people including children and babies...perhaps also until security concerns are fully examined and resolved. - a request that QLDC raise this at the LGNZ Zone 6 and Metro-sector meetings as agenda items for discussion”

5G technology is being rolled out in our communities from December as stated by Vodafone. Spark already have NZ's first 5G technology operating in Alexandra, Central Otago. There has been ZERO public consult over this technology. For it to work, transmitters will need to be placed on every second street lamp in our communities, therefore taking away any and all options for citizens to avoid EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) which have been shown to be carcinogenic and harmful over time to human DNA and cells. 

Here is a link to a great, short video explaining our concerns. 


We aim to at least HALT the roll out of a technology until we have had public consultation with the companies who plan to deliver this technology, namely Vodafone. We demand to see evidence that this technology is safe and has no effect on the health of ourselves, our families, our animals including wildlife and insects and our environment. 

This petition is to show that you oppose 5G being bought into our area without a consultation process. There are laws in place which mean telecommunication companies do not need to consult with the public, this too is a major issue.