New Yorkers should be able to rent out their homes! Support Airbnb!


Airbnb has generated enormous economic and community benefits for our city. From Broadway to the Flushing food malls, New York thrives when we welcome everyone. We should be able to rent out the home we live in–to help make rent, support local businesses, and make the world just a little bit smaller.

All the while, our visitors get to see the city the way we do. New Yorkers love having Airbnb in NYC because it spreads the value of hospitality throughout all five boroughs.

New Yorkers should be able to rent out our homes! I support Airbnb in New York City.

Airbnb provides supplemental income for tens of thousands of New Yorkers:

Being an Airbnb host provides many New Yorkers with supplemental income that helps them support their families when they fall on hard times, go back to school, or make a career change.

Airbnb increases tax revenue for our city and our state:

Airbnb is fighting to pay its fair share of taxes. If state officials agree, New Yorkers would gain an additional 21 million dollars in tax revenues, which is enough to fund the Mayor’s program to assist families living in homeless shelters.

Airbnb leads the way in community building:

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Airbnb partnered with the City of New York to provide free or discounted housing to New Yorkers displaced by the storm. Airbnb also facilitates a different type of tourism that brings revenue to local small businesses across all five boroughs.

I agree that New Yorkers should be able to rent out the home we live in!

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