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Petitioning New York Governor

New Yorkers at Risk of Being Kicked Out of their Apartments

Rent laws for ALL rent-regulated apartments expire on June 15, 2011.  We need Governor Cuomo to protect tenants by renewing and strengthening rent laws, and ending vacancy destabilization.

Rent regulation provides tenants with important protections such as guaranteed lease renewal and stable rent increases.  This system not only protects tenants, it stabilizes neighborhoods and protects New York by making sure that there are homes that middle and working class people can afford to live in.

Letter to
New York Governor
We, the People of New York, call on you to keep your promise to renting families by ensuring that more than two million New Yorkers do not lose their homes on June 15, 2011.

The City of New York and the suburban counties are in a housing emergency. Without the protections of rent stabilization, the working and middle class -- the lifeblood of New York -- will be displaced. Governor Cuomo, we urge you to use your strong leadership to save our homes from special interests and to preserve affordable housing by:

1. Renewing and strengthening the rent laws which expire on June 15, 2011

2. Repealing vacancy destabilization, the law has allowed 300,000 units to become destabilized since 1997, and

3. Re-regulating all apartments that have been deregulated under a flawed system that encourages fraud and tenant harassment. and

4. Extending rent regulation protections to tenants in former Mitchell-Lama and project-based Section 8 buildings.

New York needs real rent reform. The future of the rent regulation system is at stake.

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