NYU Tisch Students' Response to Lack of Spring 2020 Semester Tuition Refund (COVID-19)

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The NYU Tisch School of the Arts student body would like to address the recent updates emailed to us with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As students at Tisch, we rely on the facilities, equipment, and spaces that are provided to us by the school to propel our education. We pay more than any other NYU school. Rehearsing studios, recording rooms, camera equipment, dark rooms, editing labs, etc., are all essential to our learning.

In Film&Tv, the essence of the production classes we are required to take revolve around our foundational knowledge and experience with technical equipment. We are required to annually pay for CSI insurance to protect the professional equipment we are lended by the production office. Now, due to the pandemic, all of our classes are online and we are not allowed to participate in any physical production during this time in order to stay safe. We were also informed that we will not be receiving any form of a tuition refund for the semester, yet inherently our grades depend on the films we create with the equipment we pay for that we can't use at this time (rightfully so due to safety reasons).

While we understand the reasons of not being able to receive any practical experience anymore, we don't think it's fair to not receive any monetary compensation in return for not being entitled to the exact type of hands-on education we financed for originally. We recognize the difficult time our school has been facing, but would like more from our administration in terms of addressing what this means for low-income students, students on financial aid, as well as those who have tirelessly raised for and funded their thesis productions that now cannot shoot for the rest of the semester. We don't feel as though the amount we give to the school necessarily matches the given circumstances of this situation and the means of learning we have to resort to for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester.

Thank you in advance for your concern and understanding.