Lower the tuition and the 2015 attendance cost.

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Lower the tuition and the 2015 attendance cost.

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Nia Mirza started this petition to New York University

This petition is important because we believe what NYU is doing is rather unfair and is causing a lot of problems for its upcoming freshman class.

The cost of attendance (annual) was suddenly raised after students payed the enrollment deposit. Moreover, this was done without any notice at all; it was just observed by students who reviewed their financial aid package on their 'Albert' portals.

This happened when Early Decision students had taken the decision to enroll and withdrawn applications from other schools as the decision was binding.

People who planned their budget according to the previously stated costs, and have exhausted all their resources in doing so, are in a serious problem. They know they have to go to NYU by hook or by crook because they have no other option anymore and many are considering a gap year due to a high increase from $64000 to $71000 (rates differ for different schools but increase was noticed by everyone).

According to NYU, the costs are increased every year by a small percentage. Even if this is the case, the cost should have been increased way back in January and not when the quarter of the year has already passed and when students have planned their budget according to the cost of attendance mentioned when they were given their offers.

We demand the cost of attendance, and tuition rate especially, to be lowered back to the amount which was offered to us with our admission decision in February. We are asking for our right.

This is just an immediate example to shed light on the bigger picture.

In general, the point of this petition is to condemn the sky-rocketing costs of tuition which is only affordable for students from very wealthy backgrounds. We understand that NYU does not meet 100% need but it sure does fail to offer affordable tuition rates for accepted students from even the upper-middle-class backgrounds. Parents exhaust all of their resources to send their children to NYU and in the case when the kids are more than one, affordability becomes nearly impossible. Childrens' education should be an honor for parents, not a burden of extreme intensity.

Good education is a right to all regardless of financial strength. We are against the amount of debt that students are forced to incur while studying at NYU. Even though it hails itself as a non-profit, NYU earns over a hundred million in surplus each year, which it invests in its expansion plan.

We demand that money to be used to increase financial aid and to drop tuition rates. We are against the over-pressurization of parents. We support education for all and we wish to graduate debt-free like students from many other top-tier colleges. We demand a drop in NYU's tuition fee.

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This petition had 5,540 supporters

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