Confirmed victory

There currently is no place for the NYU community to receive proper medical attention, support, and education regarding rape prevention and sexual assault.

Letter to
Chairman, Board of Trustees at New York University Martin Lipton
Vice Chairs, New York University NYU Board of Trustees
Provost, New York University David W. McLaughlin
and 3 others
Assistant Vice President, NYU Student Mental Health Zoe Ragouzeos, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, NYU Student Health Carlo Ciotoli, MD
President of New York University John Sexton
It has come to our attention that NYU does not have a Rape Crisis Center.

The current policy toward victims of sexual assault is inadequate in addressing members of the NYU community basic rights to the medical attention, emotional support, and education that they deserve from this institution.

The need for a Rape Crisis Center is imperative:

- NYU needs to take the initiative to prevent rape culture within its community. This includes proper education and awareness programs;

- NYU has the responsibility to act as the point of contact and to provide protection to its student body, in particular its most vulnerable populations: those lacking in adequate resources and support systems, the international student body, transfer and commuter students, and those new to the university system;

- Collecting data on instances of sexual assault is essential for combating rape culture.

- The 24-hour professional services in place are currently inadequate in addressing the needs of victims who deserve the immediate medical attention as well as long-term care;

The needs for a Rape Crisis Center are obvious.
NYU has the capability to achieve this.
The NYU community deserves more.

Please join us as pioneers against rape culture on college campuses.