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Stop Serious Wrong Environmental Standard

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To build a building on an area which grow grass , bush , tree we have to destroy the plants . After finishing , we never replant the same kind of these destroyed plants at others places . In reality , the environmental standard , LEED current version of all the countries on the world never force us to grow these plants again at others places . We can get LEED certificate of Green Buildings , ISO 14000 - Environmental Management certificate , industry certificate , agriculture certificateor meet US EPA environmental standards even we never replant destroyed plants . Our environmental standards were wrong , only focus on air , water , energy & forget destroyed plants .

If we look at 1 top view image of a city , that is a set of errors , which each building , house , supermarket , police station , ......... is a sign of error of lost ecosystem which have  CO2 sequestration ability . This error decrease legally CO2 sequestration ability of Earth . Urban planners don't know lost ecosystems . Every city , house , building has this problem . This is a hugest problem that we ever know .

Image of how terrible wrong environmental policy damage the environment in a city

People exploit forest legally will replant forest because we have policy for this . People exploit forest illegally will never replant forest . And US government policy , EPA policy ….. , construction laws , land use policy both never replant destroyed plants of buildings , roads , all forget them , the consequences look like illegal forest exploitation , never replant , we don't have policy for this , it's relly bad . Is this a wrong policy of US government in privately and all governments in generally ?

For all information :

So I need your signatures to get an official answer from US government and environment agencies as a beginning and next is all government about destroyed plants of all cities , town around the world . After that , this thing become a reason for all countries fix problem of their cities, towns by planting destroyed plants globally . And when we plant a lot of trees , if our CO2 sequestration of plants bigger than CO2 emission , after sequestrating all CO2 at the Earth , Earth begin to soak CO2 at atmosphere => we decrease CO2 of atmosphere . 

I have some questions for our decision makers :

Do we have a policy for destroyed plant ( tree , grass , bush tree ) after we build a building , roads ? 

If we don’t have a policy for destroyed plants , with your conscience , morality , responsibility , humanity , can you officially announce this problem to all others government or you will keep this problem as a secret ? This is a problem of all countries . 

Do we give our children a society with serious wrong design ?

If you officially announce this problem , can you continue to confirm you love your children if you give your children a society with a serious wrong design without fixing them ? Where are your conscience , morality , responsibility , humanity ?

Please answer these questions by your conscience , morality , responsibility , humanity and help me to announce this problem to warn human . 

If government don’t fix or officially announce this problem to warn human , we know how wrong they are and they don’t do the best for their country . 

I need your signatures .
Thank you .

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