New York Times: Fire Sexual-Assault-Defender Bari Weiss

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**Content warning: sexual assault and defense of sexual assault**

On January 13, the feminist website published an account by a woman (given the pseudonym "Grace" in the article) who was sexually assaulted by Aziz Ansari last year. The account is painful and difficult to read, and it should be clear to anyone who understands consent that the survivor did not consent to what happened that night.

On January 15, the New York Times op-ed page ran an article by a Times editor, Bari Weiss, with the title "Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader." The article defends Ansari, sarcastically mocks Grace's account, and perverts feminism by claiming to make a "feminist" argument against consent. 

This is not the first offensive article by Weiss since her hire last April — see "The Limits of ‘Believe All Women’," "When Progressives Embrace Hate," and "Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation." (See here for a great article by Glenn Greenwald on Weiss's hire.)

A chief reason why so few sexual assaulters are held accountable in the U.S. is because survivors are afraid that if they go public with their story, they, their story, and their reputation will be publicly attacked. By attacking Grace, Weiss is legitimating such attacks, and helping make other survivors afraid to share their stories.

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