New York State Voters : Create a 51st state OR Free Upstate New York from NYC control

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When in the course of human events...NYC and Upstate New York often have diametrically opposing points of view due to demographic difference and population density.

Consider the idea of NYC being autonomous like DC, LONDON & Vatican City.


Upstate NY taxpayers rights to self representation are currently crushed under NYC Voters boots. Some in NYC would say the reverse is true. Either way FREEDOM is the right of every America. The ability to self represent is lost in the current political application of power. Something must be done. Join me, due to the enormous TOTAL concentration of voters in NYC the voices of a huge geographical area (UPSTATE NY) are silenced in some cases. The reverse is true in other cases when Albany turns its back on the wishes of the majority in NYC to self rule.

This must change. Both sides deserve better. Either we divide or Unite with a higher respect and understanding of the right to self govern.

Tail wagging the dog politics are inherently unfair to the dog.

Free Upstate NY.

OR Maybe it is time for a 51st State.

We Demand Emancipation from NYC.

We demand our right to self govern.

WE Demand Our Liberties.