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Stop the Killing of NYC's Canada Geese and other Wildlife

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Since 2009, thousands of New York City's Canada geese have been killed each summer by USDA Wildlife Services in the name of air safety. The killing is inhumane and lacks scientific merit. 

GooseWatch NYC advocates for non-lethal and more humane approaches to resolving conflicts between people and willdife. Whether dealing with aviation safety, nuisance issues, or health and safety concerns, we don't believe that killing is the solution.  

Canada geese are beautiful, intelligent birds who mate for life, fiercely protect their eggs and young, and display loyalty for other members of their flock.

The methods used to kill geese are controversial and inhumane. During the hottest months of the year, flightless geese and their baby goslings are corralled, packed into turkey crates, and transported to slaughterhouses or gas chambers.

Killing the geese isn’t an effective approach to preventing collisions with airplanes. Countless examples have demonstrated that roundups and slaughters only clear the area temporarily, as other geese eventually repopulate the vacant desirable habitat.   

Many aviation experts and wildlife biologists do not agree with USDA's continued justifications of the NYC Canada goose removal program. 

“Killing 1,000 geese really isn't going to do anything. If you kill them, nature will fill that vacuum and a new species will pop up in its place."
- Ron Merritt, a biologist and former Chief for the Air Force’s Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Team

“I have not seen where [culling] has been effectiveas a long-term solution."
- Jim Hall, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board under the Clinton administration.

New Yorkers oppose the killing of NYC's Canada geese and other wildlife, and are particularly interested as millions of taxpayers’ dollars are wasted on these ineffective programs. Our wildlife deserve protections from the many threats they face, not extermination because of inconveniences they pose.

With the help of aviation and wildlife experts, as well as animal advocacy organizations, we hope NYC will move towards a more humane and more effective way of addressing conflicts between people and animals.

Please sign our petition to urge the city to do right by these beautiful, living creatures.

Read the USDA's full report on the NYC Canada Goose Removal Program 2009-2014:  

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