Justice for children who have been sexually abused by other children!

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Join us by petitioning to legally protect child sexual abuse victims versus the well-protected child perpetrators. Please help us fight for new legislation to protect my little girl and all the other child victims! 

This is our story; I say "our" because my child is too young to represent herself. It's up to us to stand up for these innocents. I am the mom of two daughters, ages four and ten. My four-year-old was recently sexually abused by her 13-year-old cousin. She has been incredibly brave talking to me and to law enforcement about what happened. The child victims and their families suffer from the repercussions of these rapes but then also have to endure unfair due process. 

Since New York State has raised the age for 'adult' criminal responsibility, her cousin will be receiving minimal consequences, a 'slap on the wrist'. Our justice system gives more protection for the child assaulter and barely any protection for the child victims. 

Sadly, these horrific experiences have opened my eyes to how many families face this same nightmare. Please help me fight for justice in honor of my little girl and all the other (past and potential) victims out there. My hope is that this petition raises awareness and motivates reform!

The link below provides more specifics about this cause. Thank you for your signature to champion minor/child victims' rights.