Please STOP Michelle Lentine-Forte's killer from getting paroled

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I am organizing this petition to show the members of the New York Department of Corrections Board of Parole members that Leroy Anderson Jr (Inmate #94b0898) is a violent and dangerous murderer, with a long history of violence against women, who should NOT be granted parole under any circumstances. He is currently serving a maximum 25 year to life sentence after being convicted of Murder in the 2nd degree, for the brutal and senseless murder of my sister Michelle Lentine-Forte on  February 24th, 1993. Anderson is scheduled for his first parole hearing in November 2017, where he could possibly be released in March 2018.

Michelle was only 23 years old and a newly wed to her husband Joseph Forte, and youngest daughter to Tina Lentine. Michelle was an interpreter to many deaf and blind school children in the City of Rochester and Town of Webster, and was loved by her students, and all who knew her. She was an active member of Rochester Community Theater and an accomplished pianist, who always put the needs of others ahead of her own. 

Anderson shared the other side of their duplex apartment in Greece, NY, and in a short time he had gained Michelle and Joe's trust. After borrowing her car several weeks before, for what he claimed was an emergency where his wife was rushed to the hospital, Anderson took that opportunity to make a copy of their house key which he used to gain entry into Michelle's apartment while her husband was working the night shift. (It was later discovered, the woman he was living with was not his wife, nor had she ever been rushed to the hospital). 

When Joe returned late that evening from work he entered the apartment to find Michelle's naked body in a pool of blood on their bedroom floor. She had been stabbed over 20 times with so much rage and force that the knife went into her back, through the front of her chest and into the floor. Her throat was slit so severely she was nearly decapitated. Michelle was left to die on the floor of her own bedroom where she bled to death, it was several hours before she would be discovered by her husband. The phone chords were cut, and her cut under garments were found in the basement. After Anderson murdered Michelle he stole her car and ditched it, the car was later found by railroad tracks.

Anderson was convicted based on DNA, blood and hair evidence left at the scene of the crime, and his finger prints left in her stolen car. His shoes and clothes where found in his apartment with Michelle's blood all over them, as well as a key to Michelle's apartment on his key ring which he used to gain access. When Leroy murdered my sister he was on parole for robbery in the third degree, a class D felony and had served only 2 years of a 4 year sentence in prison, that was a crime which he had also committed against a woman. If Anderson had been denied parole at that time, my sister would still be alive today.

He has never disclosed his motive for the murder, nothing was stolen except the car, and there was no evidence of sexual assault, just pure rage toward an innocent young woman whose life was filled with love and promise.

Michelle's murder has devastated our family, and even after almost 25 years her presence is still missed by all who knew and loved her. She was denied life and the opportunity to be a wife and mother as well as to continue the impact she had on the school children she cared so deeply for.  

I truly believe that if Anderson is released it is only a matter of time before he kills again. A man who can commit such a brutal act of violence against an innocent woman who he barely knew is very dangerous. My mission is to keep him behind bars for the safety of our family and maybe yours.



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