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Change divorce laws to support equal parenting in New York

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New York State has a history of having the most regressive divorce laws in the country. No fault divorce was only recently approved, the last state in the Union to approve such legislation. In the same light, divorces in New York are usually drawn out, bitter battles, prolonged by a legal system that pits one parent against the other, with custody of children being a "prize" to be won, not a right and responsibility as a parent. Equally shared parenting time and joint parenting is the optimal custody situation. The child is not the State’s ward and the word “custody” is inappropriate. The overwhelming majority of parents are honorable people, loving and caring parents who want to raise their children to be healthy and happy.

The best parent is both biological parents. BOTH biological parents should be responsible for the emotional and psychological well-being of their children, and both must be financially responsible for the upbringing of their children.  It is time for the government to recognize both parents as being important to the healthy development of children and to allow both parents equal access and time with their children.

Unfortunately, bills supporting changes to the current divorce laws in favor of equal parenting have been blocked in the legislature, primarily by legislator/attorneys who have ties to law firms dealing with family law. Clearly, this is an egregious conflict of interest that only serves to prolong the divorce process, driving a wedge between parents and children and creating generations of dysfunctional children, while creating greater profits for the legal system.

The Legislature in New York must show once and for all that it can live up to the People’s expectations: Grandparents should have access to their grandchildren. Gender bias should be eliminated from family law and from future legislation. We believe in the concept of fairness and equity for ALL families; and, that all children involved in a blended family, such as the first and second family, should have equal rights, and do deserve equal rights and equal protection under the law.

We believe child support orders should be reasonable, should realistically reflect the cost of the children's basic needs, and their parents’ ability to earn, they should reflect the relative parenting contribution of both parents in a shared parenting plan.

We believe when equity is created in our laws, the conflicts inherent in divorce and artificially fueled by the New York legislation and the Family Courts, will dissolve and that, in the end, this is the greatest gift which we, as loving parents, could possibly bestow on our children. Tell our legislators in Albany to stop playing games with children of divorce, recognize the importance of both parents, and support equal parenting, while limiting the amount of time needed in court. These cases would be better handled by mediators and therapists, with the families involved as the central focus, not judges and attorneys who have little interest in families, only their bank accounts.

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