Justice for Loki

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On February 26th in Patterson, New York, a sweet husky mix named Loki was shot at 9 times and killed by a neighbor. This neighbor is a US Marshal, and claims self defense because he thought Loki was a coyote, and the incident was recorded on video by another neighbor. Loki was very familiar with the neighborhood as well and many people knew of him. 

Loki got out and was in this neighbors yard and had his collar visibly showing, and showed no signs of aggression. Loki was never an aggressive dog and was sweet to everyone he met, strangers and those who owned him. The US Marshal shot at Loki 5 times, paused, then shot at him 4 times. His intent was to kill after the pause- Loki died of a fatal shot in the arm and stomach. 

We have contacted police and spca and nothing was done. The case was closed. We are trying to get the word out to contact the state so they could open this investigation up againand bring justice for Loki and his family.  No person should abuse their position of power like this man is doing. No dog or family should have to go through what Loki did without Justice being served. #Coyotesdontwearcollars

If anyone wants to help further, please call the district attorney’s office at the number +1 (845) 808-1050 and ask for michael benvie. Tell him your heard about Loki’s story and you want the ASPCA to reopen the case. I’m afraid thats all we can do at this point.