Prosecute Linda Fairstein

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Linda Fairstein oversaw the interrogation of the so-called Central Park Five, the teens who were wrongfully imprisoned for years following the high-profile 1989 rape of a female jogger before their convictions were overturned. Despite there being absolutely no evidence to prove that the terms were involved she continued to pursue the prosecution. This caused a national uproar, even Donald Trump spent $85,000 to run an ad to “Bring Back The Death Penalty” against these innocent teens.

  While the teens lost valuable years incarcerated for a crime that did not commit,  Fairstein was writing several books, which for a few have become movies, she has won awards and been able to maintain a successful life while these teens had to suffer in prison due to her and her teams lies.

Many of us around the world have children between the ages of 14-16 just like these 5 (now) men. One could only imagine that obstacles not only did the teens face but also their families. Many of the families couldn’t afford to travel to see their children in prison, they couldn’t afford to put money on their books so that their children could try to be cared for while in there, their families were torn apart after their children were wrongfully convicted and the sad part about it is that these things are still happening 30 years later! 

A change needs to be made. Justice for the innocent needs to be served not only by releasing these innocent individuals but also punishing those who knowingly and willingly convicted them under false pretenses.