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Support Bill A-3355 To Stop Repeat Animal Abusers

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New York State Assemblyman Dean Murray co-sponsored Assembly Bill A-3355 and he needs all our support to get it passed


What is Bill A-3355 It creates a animal abuser central registry, and requires that certain convicted animal abusers register with such registry; provides such registrants are prohibited from possessing, adopting, owning, purchasing or exercising control over any animal except in certain cases in the court's discretion; provides fines and imprisonment for non-compliance.

TITLE OF BILL: An act to amend the agriculture and markets law, in relation to creating the animal abuser central registry, and to require that certain convicted animal abusers register with such registry

PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF BILL: This legislation creates an animal abuse central registry.


Section 1 creates a central registry of individuals (over the age of 18) convicted of animal abuse and requires animal abusers to register. Section 1 specifically enumerates what violations of sections of law would require an individual to register. This section further outlines what information must be provided to the registry. Further this section prohibits an individual who registers under this act from owning an animal unless a court finds otherwise. This section further requires animal shelters and pet dealers to check with the registry. Further this section also states that this law would preempt local law.

Section 2 is the effective date. Animal abusers are heinous individuals who hurt and kill animals that are incapable of defending themselves. An individual who is convicted of animal abuse should lose their right to have an animal. Violators of this law should be punished severely. Creating an animal abuse registry will help ensure that animal abusers are not able to own more possible victims of their future violence.


So what can we do to make sure no lobbyist tries to derail this worthy bill?
If you are in New York then please contact your NY State Senator or Assemblyman and tell them to pass Bill A-3355 

We also created this petition and Wildlife Planet will personally hand deliver to Assemblyman Murray so he can bring it to the assembly and show that many both in New York and Outside the state support this bill.

I am outside of New York so why would they care what I think?
They will care because some may have bigger political goals than just New York, Some may even move out of the state and run for office at their new location. There is also the fact than many people living out of state at the moment may move to New York at some future date . None-The-Less every politician only sees numbers and the bigger the number the more attention they will place on it.

So we need to show as much support for Assemblyman Murray so he will have the confidence in knowing millions of people are behind him and his efforts to protect all our pets from animal abusers.

Today: Dominick is counting on you

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