Make ALL Emergency Medical Services recognized as essential personnel

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Please sign in support in making ALL Emergency Medical Service essential personnel. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) of ALL levels.  Basic, Advanced and Paramedics. That in the light of this pandemic some agencies and companies, are not supporting them in the front line.  That if a EMT gets sick and exposed they have to use Personal Time Off, be it sick time or vacation. Is not just right.  

They should be covered automatically in a time like this and not have to worry about a paycheck when tending to the very sick in a situation that is facing the world today.  A state bill should be made to protect these people, who are already under paid and over worked.  Some EMTs are paid minimum wage in this great state of New York.  That are not being asked to enter into homes of sick people.  Where fire fighters have unlimited sick time for having little to no patient contact.  Along with some police agencies that also have the same thing of unlimited sick.  

Yet the people that are constantly in contact with multiple sick people have a very small and limited amount of sick time !!   This needs to change and change now to also protect the public.   Sick paramdics and emts report to work in fear they have no sick time and refuse to use vacation time, when they have a cold or a cough.