Allow licensing for Certified Professional Midwives in New York State

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In 2020 there is no question whether or not parents to be, woman, mothers, human beings should have stipulations on their access to birthworkers- yet here we are suffering times where there are still a few states in our country that don’t accept the licensing of Certified Professional Midwives.

CPM’s have a lot to offer, much that woman don’t receive from an untraditional OBGYN. The quality of care and the relationships developed far exceed that of what one can receive from an OBGYN. Birthing at home, assisted by the comfort and knowledge of a CPM, dramatically reduces a mother’s risk of potentially unnecessary and harmful interventions.

Woman utilizing services from an untraditional OBGYN don’t receive postpartum care until 6 weeks after birth. Those seeing a traditional Midwife are cared for, in the comfort of their home, with a minimum of 3 visits during a 6wk period. 

In rural NY we currently have 2 birthworkers facing extravagant charges that would be nonexistent if NYS laws were in line with many other states throughout our country. This is unacceptable. Help in the fight for woman to birth how they want and where they want with the quality of care they choose.