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It is important to oppose the building of the "Wholesale Breeding Facility," also known as a "Puppy Mill" in Gorham, NY because there are already hundreds of thousands of dogs in rescues and shelters all over our state that are looking for homes. Shelters and rescues are inundated with the constant influx of animals from our throw away society. The last thing we need is another commerical facility making money off of these animals when their aren't enough homes for all of the animals that have already been born.

These facilities often harbor poor living conditions and unsocialized animals, breeding sickly puppies that cost the unsuspecting purchaser hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. It is high time we begin regulating these irresponsible mass breeders and stop these puppy mills from making money off of these poor dogs.

Letter to
Paul D'Amato New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Health Department
Fred Lightfoote, Supervisor Gorham New York Town Board
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Kristen Mark Hughes, Director Ontario County Planning Board
I am writing to you today in an effort to stop the approval for Curtis and Jolene Martin to build a Puppy mill in Gorham, NY.

Recently, it was announced that the Gorham Town Planning Board unanimously approved a request by Curtis and Jolene Martin for a special use permit and the Martin's site plan to build a "wholesale" dog breeding facility also known as a "Puppy Mill" in Gorham, NY. The board is one of at least 3 departments that need to approve this plan in order for the new puppy mill to be built. The Martin's already run a puppy mill called Puppies R Us in Varick, NY which is in Seneca County.

The plans for the new puppy mill would house about 500-600 dogs with absolutely no outdoor kennels or exercise pens. The dogs and puppies will maintain a completely indoor lifestyle and no one will be allowed into the kennels to view the type of conditions except for employees and inspectors; the Martin’s other facility, which houses about 400 dogs, was only USDA inspected twice last year. Previously, the USDA cited Curtis' wife Jolene Martin with failing to provide veterinary care at the dog breeding facility in Varick. Curtis says the USDA told him some of puppy’s nails were too long, and that their fur was matted, indicating to them some of the dogs weren't being taken care of.

Mr. Martin also stated that the facility is strictly a "family operation," which raises concerns about whether or not the facility would even have enough staff to care for the excessive amount of dogs he wants to breed on the property. It also raises concerns about who would be an advocate on behalf of the animals if they see cruelty conditions? Would his family members report concerns to the proper authorities for inspection?

The USDA has only approximately 100 inspectors to regulate over 10,000 facilities. Many of these facilities have poor conditions and are cited when the USDA does inspect, but there are not enough inspectors to continually follow up with facilities that have been cited.

The last thing we need in New York is yet another commercial breeding facility which are notorious for the poor living conditions, care and treatment of their animals as well as the constant over-breeding of the dogs on site. You can go to any internet search provider and easily locate hundreds of different articles, photos and videos of the atrocities that happen in puppy mills all over the country, but I challenge you to find a positive story about a mill, other than the happy endings that come after the poor breeder dog is rescued from a facility.

The board that unanimously approved the plans to let the Martin's build yet another puppy mill facility never questioned the size of the cages the animals will be housed in or how often they will be exercised. They only questioned the noise levels and potential contamination of groundwater, amongst other things. They claim that their hands are tied and they have no reason to deny the Martin's request to build this new facility if the NYS Health Department and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation approve the request. What about the moral issue? What about the opposition of the public and the tax paying citizens of the town of Gorham, Ontario County or New York State? Does their opinion on the matter have no effect?

With the USDA only checking on facilities twice a year, there is a very good chance that in true puppy mill fashion, many dogs and puppies will be living in awful conditions, not receive appropriate and timely medical care, vaccinations or grooming and will spend 24/7 in their cages breeding over and over again until they are no longer able to do so. Mr. Martin claims he is "in it for the animals," but tell me, what animal wants to live their life in a small cage, forced to produce litter after litter of puppies, never having a home, or a family, or love? What animal enjoys a life where they don't have any sort of access to the outdoors, don't receive proper medical care or nutrition and are deprived of many other basic things that all companion animals deserve.

Fight for those who have no voices and be the change you want to see in the world. Sign the petition to fight the building of a the Martin's newest puppy mill in Gorham, NY...there are enough dogs in shelters looking for homes and/or being euthanized daily.

This facility is set to be built at 4446 Route 247 in Gorham, NY.

Heather L. Michel

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