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 On 2/12/2017 my boyfriend and I adopted a puppy from Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue located at 206 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, NY 11953 who we named Layla. After 4 long weeks of constant vet visits and numerous amounts of medication Layla passed away from Canine Distemper Virus and Pneumonia at just 11 weeks old.

 Shortly after leaving Friends of Freddie and returning home with puppy supplies we noticed Layla coughing and breathing abnormally. At the time Friends of Freddie's was closed for the day so we waited till Monday morning to call them and let them know. They told us to call the vet they were working with at Patchogue animal hospital.  After calling the vet, our soonest appointment was at 5:30pm that Tuesday.  The Veterinarian diagnosed Layla with kennel cough, something that we were told is common in puppies and it was nothing to be concerned about.  A few short days later I returned to the animal hospital w a fecal sample containing worms when they told me to bring her in again the next day.  On Friday 2/17/17 we again returned with Layla to Patchogue Animal Hospital, this time to treat for worms.  At this point they noticed Layla was getting skinnier and was very dehydrated.  They did not mention if her cough was getting any worse so we left there with high hopes that on our return checkup on the following Monday we would be OK.  After a long weekend with a lot of coughing from the puppy we finally saw the vet again on Monday for the checkup.  We were told that the cough would get worse before it got better and that she was looking better.

              On Tuesday the 21st my boyfriend returned home to check on Layla's condition when noticed she was shaking when she was breathing and she wasn't very responsive.  We immediately called another veterinarian to get a second opinion and they took us in only hours later, showing concern for our puppy.  When we arrived to our family vet she was surprised to hear Patchogue animal hospital hadn't taken any x-rays and took her in the back right away to get it done.  She came back to us with the unfortunate news that Layla has pneumonia.  Layla was not getting any better so we had to re schedule a checkup date for the 1st of March, this is when we got the even more unfortunate news, not only did Layla have pneumonia but after reviewing the results of a blood test she was also diagnosed with Canine Distemper Virus.  Layla needed to be hospitalized that night and we were given a 50-50 chance of survival.  After multiple days of testing and medications and treatments Layla's condition worsened and we ended up losing her to the virus on Sunday March 5th. 

           On several occasions we tried contacting Friends of Freddie to speak with the owner about our situation, we never received a phone call back from her.  Finally after calling several times, she answered the phone.  We told her of our situation and we were told that she was vaccinated for canine distemper but our records show that's not true. She also told us that it was unlikely to be canine distemper because it’s not very common on long island but more so in the southern states.  Little did she know her employee told us her mother came from a shelter in Georgia on the day we adopted her.  Our family veterinarian filled out paperwork for a pet lemon law stating that Layla was unfit for adoption.  Under these circumstances we approached Friends of Freddie hoping they would do the right thing for us and reimburse us with what they owe us under the New York State pet lemon law.  When they found out our vet bills were approaching $6,000.00 they said they wouldn't pay us and told us to take them to court. When we went home we went online to see if there was anyone else who had a similar problem and to our surprise we found multiple people, one whose story is almost identical to ours.  Friends of Freddie should no longer be allowed to conduct business in this manner.  Innocent people like my boyfriend and I who were looking to start our little family had our hearts broken due to the negligence of the owner of this "Rescue".  Layla was one of 5 puppies in the same pen, distemper virus is very contagious to other dogs and we are concerned that those other puppies to are very sick.   

            We are writing to you, not because we are concerned about the reimbursement, we are concerned that this establishment will continue to adopt out sick puppies and continue to break hearts.  We are hoping after hearing our story maybe there is something you can do to help us stop these monsters.  People need to know that not only does the owner know the puppies are sick but their in house veterinarian does also and doesn't provide you with accurate health records.  Had they actually given the proper vaccinations we wouldn't be in the awful situation that we are. 

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