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Disbarment of Aaron Schlossberg

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Aaron Schlossberg can be observed in a video harassing customers and employees at a restaurant in Manhattan over speaking Spanish, he then proceeded to yell at people (assuming their legal status in the United States) that he would be contacting ICE. Someone in position of power as an attorney, Mr. Schlossberg has demonstrated his inability to grasp the severity of his unethical behavior. You can actually watch him in action here:


Please stand up to racism and bigotry by signing and sharing this petition. 

We are sending out a printout of the full petition to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Governor Cuomo's office, the Judiciary Committee and others that might be able to assist us with this process.

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Please print as many as you can so that the First Judicial Department may review his licensing.  If you are planning on attending any events, take a few extra forms with you, if you need a form mailed to you I will gladly print it and send it your way.

Furthermore it would be really important for Mr. Schlossberg actions, past and present are reviewed to evaluate whether hate crimes have been committed and his ability to practice law should be suspended until such determination is made.  http://ypdcrime.com/penal.law/article485.htm I would like to provide the district attorney's office an opportunity to evaluate the situation and let us know.