Legalize Prostitution in New York State

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Victimless "crimes" should not be a crime in the first place.

Legal prostitution will make it easier for sex workers to report crimes committed against them. At this time many robberies go unreported because women are afraid to complain to police. In May 2016 Amnesty International has called for decriminalization of sex work, granting sex workers equal protection under the law and recommended working to eliminate stigma linked to sex work.

Prostitution is legal in most of developed world today. Why then should not be legal in the country which advertises itself as the leader of the free world?

Government should not be teaching us what is moral when it comes to our bodies and sexuality.

Sex can be safe these days and prostitutes no longer pose a significant health hazard.

Legal prostitution can reduce the number of rapes and sex offenses.

For male bodies sex is a basic necessity. If a male does not have a sex partner at any given time, it will be better for him to visit a prostitute than for example masturbate while watching a pornographic movie. Masturbation can be dangerous to health if done improperly.

Frequently the same elected officials who publicly oppose prostitution frequently turn out to be clients themselves. Off-duty police officers visit prostitutes. One of the most famous examples is Eliot Spitzer who was NY Attorney General and then became the Governor of New York State. At the same time he was known as "Client-9" at a NY escort agency Emperors Club VIP.

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