Legalize Prostitution in New York State

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Victimless "crimes" should not be a crime in the first place. There is no reason whatsoever to ban the exchange of money for sex if this exchange takes place between consenting adults doing it out of their free will.

Legalized prostitution makes it easier for sex workers to report crimes committed against them (read below about the incident involving US Agents in Cartagena). At this time many robberies go unreported because women are afraid to complain to the police. Legal prostitution also makes it reasonable for companies to invest to create a safer environment in online escort sites. For example, the leading UK escort site requires girls to verify their identity and also has a rating system for both escorts and their clients. By contrast the US has shut down the leading American escort site (which was camouflaged as a general purpose ad site) and any new site which replaces it will not have the incentive to develop any safeguards similar to what adultwork has. As a result US based girls and clients will need to rely on random sites which pop out and go and this makes screening process very difficult.

In May 2016 Amnesty International has called for decriminalization of sex work, granting sex workers equal protection under the law and recommended working to eliminate stigma linked to sex work.

Prostitution is legal in most of the developed world today. Why then it should not be legal in the country which advertises itself as the leader of the free world? It is a sad irony the founding fathers of this country won independence from Great Britain and now we ended up having a more restrictive form of government than people in the UK!

Government should not be teaching us what is moral when it comes to our bodies and sexuality.

Protected sex can be safe these days and prostitutes no longer pose a significant health hazard.

Legal prostitution may reduce the number of rapes and sex offenses.

For male bodies sex is a basic necessity. If a male does not have a sex partner at any given time, it may better for him to visit a prostitute than for example masturbate while watching a pornographic movie. There are proven health risks linked to improper masturbation.

Prostitution is a perfectly natural phenomenon in human species and any society which outlaws this activity is out of touch with the reality. It is also an ultimate expression of hypocrisy as the same officials who publicly oppose and prosecute prostitution frequently turn out to be clients themselves. Some cases in point:

* Eliot Spitzer, as NY Attorney General led a campaign against prostitution. He then became the Governor of NY State and eventually had to resign when it turned out he was a frequent visitor at a NY escort agency Emperors Club VIP. He was known there as "Client-9".

* Our Supreme Leader, Mr. Trump, has a crush on porn stars (who are also a form of prostitutes as they perform paid sex acts). Allegedly he also has a crush on Russian prostitutes despite pursuing sanctions against other sectors of Russian economy!

* Secret Service scandal in Cartagena, Colombia. Agents tried to get away without paying but it did not work out because prostitutes complained to the police. I'm not sure what was the agents' rationale, they should be able to afford Colombian prostitutes after all.

* Off duty police officers frequently visiting prostitutes.

Prostitution is a great source of instantly available high income. This is important at times when even entry level jobs are difficult to find. It is also one of the easiest forms of self employment. It is not uncommon for self employed prostitutes in the NYC metropolitan area to earn daily incomes of $1,000 to $2,000.

Jobs in the adult entertainment industry are also extremely flexible in terms of locations, work schedules and time off. Most of wage earners are stuck at one location for years and they only get a few precious weeks of vacations per year. To make things worse, unpaid time off is usually not available unless there is a medical or family situation. Prostitutes on the other hand can work nearly anywhere with only minimal knowledge of the language and they control their schedules. Last but not least they can also combine work and travel.