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Expand New York State's DNA Database

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Recently a violent criminal was caught in New York State only because he had to submit to DNA testing after being caught and convicted of another, much lesser crime.

Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Duffy want to expand New York State's DNA databank - something that some officials say could solve crimes and prevent repeat offenses from criminals. Local law enforcement is in favor of such an expansion of the database. It will solve more cases and law enforcement will rely less on faulty witnesses and more on scientific evidence.

Expanding the state's DNA databank would mean adding 400 different crime categories, including all felonies and all misdemeanors. This is important because often violent criminals have also committed lesser crimes. If their DNA is in the database for a lesser crime the database can be checked when more violent crimes occur.

This is NOT a violation of rights. If you are a convicted criminal, you already have a record, your finger prints are already on file. The DNA sample will simply be one more scientific piece of evidence to help catch criminals. And it is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence because it also frees the innocent.

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