Impeach Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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Elected in 2010, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has terrorized New York State for nearly 10 full years now. Cuomo first made headlines early in his tenure by promoting massively irresponsible state budgets, government overreach and the disenfranchisement of the working class by sending jobs out of state. As Cuomo's power grew, so did the number of residents fleeing New York and our various taxes, all while the number of available jobs dropped. 

Cuomo made it clear early on that anyone who had a different view from him was not allowed in New York. He has pushed out good, hard working New Yorkers and has drastically changed our state for the worse, all while dodging accountability on his continued corruption despite the convictions of Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos and his involvement in the Buffalo Billions and Utica Nano Center debacle.

With the Coronavirus crisis, Governor Cuomo has been thrust into the national spotlight. While the media propped him up as a savior, Cuomo pursued policies that endangered our population and even sent senior citizens to their deaths by sending infected patients to nursing homes.

Due to these factors, we are calling on the New York State Assembly and Senate to begin an immediate impeachment inquiry against Governor Cuomo. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, but a matter of saving our great state.