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New York Mets: Please stand up for youth & make an "It Gets Better" video!

It doesn't matter if you are straight, gay, bi, transgender, confused or know exactly what's up. Getting bullied is never ok and it's never a "right of passage." Too many children and young adults are literally being bulled to death and it has got to stop. We need more influential individuals letting young adults know that It Gets Better. By having The New York Mets, one of the greatest baseball teams with a vast amount of influential players stand up and tell LGBTQ youth that It Gets Better, we can make a huge difference. Not only for the kids dealing with this issue, but for nay-sayers everywhere. If professional athletes stand up & risk their "tough" guy persona to say "It's Ok" to be whoever you are, then the word will spread that it actually is. New York Mets, we love you, please make an It Gets Better video!!!!

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Senior VP of Marketing & Communications David Newman
New York Mets
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President Saul Katz
Our country has so many heroes: From fire fighers, to police officers, to the thousands that serve in our armed forces who protect our country. We also have our athletes, who show America's youth that any dream is obtainable as long as you work hard and truly believe. Children need heroes.

Today professional athletes are some of the most well respected individuals in America. The opinions of players are heard from state to state. That is why I am signing this petition to ask the New York Mets, my absolute favorite athletic organization, to make an It Gets Better video to fight bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Those with the influence need to use their power for good. If the Mets stand up and tell lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth that they are perfect the way they are and "It Gets Getter", they will not only be heard by those directly impacted by the issue, but also by those who are confused and misled to the point of bullying.

Young people are not born with their prejudices. They are taught prejudice, but there is still time to reverse it. By making an "It Gets Better" video, The New York Mets will help get today's youth get back on the right track to a bright and open minded future.

New York Mets, we love you, please make an It Gets Better video!

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