New York Magazine's Jesse Singal Commits Fraud: Article In Question Should Be Recalled

New York Magazine's Jesse Singal Commits Fraud: Article In Question Should Be Recalled

April 22, 2016
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Started by Degree180

Jesse Singal is a senior writer for NY Magazine. He is also a personal friend to Randi Lee Harper and Zoe Quinn, which I (Candace Owens) did not know.

When I accused these girls of harassing me, Singal used his merit as a journalist, to trick me into agreeing to give an interview to him regarding it. 

He approached me pretending to be a neutral journalist, and asked me not to publish the article I was going to write regarding the harassment I endured at the hands of these two women.

He told me that he could instead get the story in front of millions.

I believed, and granted him an interview. When he published my story he included nothing that we spoke about and instead purposefully portrayed me as a crazy, ranting, conspiracy theorist. 

He also lied to me, and had me mail him evidence of the harassment to his PRIVATE account. He told me that spam filters at NY Mag were overactive, and it would be better if we conducted matters using his personal account. I believe this was a lie, and an attempt to pass what I sent to him on to his friends Zoe Quinn and Randi Lee Harper, discreetly. 

Making matters worse, after the article was published, he took to his twitter account (where he represents himself as a senior writer for New York Magazine) and publicly mocked this scam, and lack of objectivity, with his friend Randi Lee Harper. You can read their tweets and the entire story, here.

Jesse has since been ranting awful things about about me and in support of these two women who openly admitted to torpedoing my Kickstarter campaign for about 3 days now. He has over 7,000 followers (many of which are journalists), meant to slander my reputation.

I have asked the New York Magazine to recall the article given all of the supporting evidence of his bias and aggressive online behavior; they told me that their policy is to never recall articles.

I believe this is totally unacceptable.

Aside from intentionally inflicting harm upon my reputation, Jesse has openly violated the Journalistic Codes of Ethic and thereby significantly compromises the perception of the Journalistic community at large.

I would like to have this article recalled as it reflects poorly on my character, and would like the New York Magazine to acknowledge the harm they may have unwittingly allowed for.  

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This petition had 700 supporters

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