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New York Legislature: We need laws as strong as New York women

A doctor’s note changed the course of my life.  When I pulled a muscle at six months pregnant, my doctor advised that I temporarily avoid heavy lifting while working for a trucking company on Long Island.  My boss took one look at the note and sent me home without pay indefinitely; the result was devastating.  At six months pregnant, no one was willing to hire me.  I had a four-year-old at home and was the primary income earner for our family.  We fell behind in rent and applied for public assistance.  Two weeks before my due date, I lost my health insurance.  We struggled to put food on the table; it was an extremely difficult time.

The Women’s Equality Act in New York State would ensure that no woman would go through what I did.  These measures would help working pregnant women, girls trafficked in the sex trade, women abused by their intimate partners, and employees of small businesses facing sexual harassment or pay discrimination; yet nothing has become law.  If legislators don’t act now, the ten million women of New York will lose. 

The Women’s Equality Act would help me and the women and families of New York by simply updating our laws to reflect the reality of women’s lives in the year 2014, by preserving our access to reproductive health care, ensuring fair treatment at work, and helping survivors of violence.  Every day we wait, women like me lose out.  I was lucky to find help and get back to work, but many have not been.  I stood strong, and I’m asking my legislators to stand strong with me.  Please act to secure laws for women’s equality now.  We need laws as strong as New York women. 

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