Saving FiDi's History and Our Right to be Heard

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In recent years, we have all witnessed the destruction of historical buildings in the hands of developers. The demolition of the Vanderbilt Building, located at 15-19 Beekman Street, is imminent due to development plans by SL Green for Pace University.

The Vanderbilt was built in 1892 and designed by McKim, Mead & White, the firm cherished by New Yorkers for such city landmarks as Columbia University or the lost Penn Station.

The Vanderbilt is part of the Fulton-Nassau Historic District. This federal designation was awarded to this Financial District neighborhood in recognition of both its historical significance and architectural value. As both an example of the very early New-York skyscrapers and a fine Classical Revival creation by MckKim, Mead & White, the Vanderbilt embodies both aspects. The Vanderbilt completes the four corners of the Nassau-Beekman intersection, where three New York City landmarks occupy the other three corners (the Beekman, Potter, and Morse buildings).

The Vanderbilt demolition project has been planned by Pace (and its developer partner SL Green) in complete secrecy. There was no community engagement whatsoever. Project plans were briefly posted on the Pace website, then mysteriously taken down with no explanation.

Furthermore, initial DOB filings indicate that Pace and SL Green may be seeking expedited demolition permits, in the midst of the current Covid-19 crisis -- a deeply disturbing way to proceed.
15-19 Beekman Street should be preserved as a New York City landmark. By signing this petition, you will lend your crucial voice in the preservation of this historic location by making it a city landmark, and demand full transparency from both Pace University and SL Development.

Please join us for this important preservation before this part of history is effaced, and forever setting a precedence of future demolitions and construction projects without any prior community outreach or knowledge.