Impeach governor Cuomo

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The great State of New York has been compromised. Some liberal extremis have stolen elections usurping the power of the people. Governor Cuomo is one of those such liberal extremist. He has taken it upon himself to champion so many pieces of legislation and taken actions that are in direct conflict with the will of the American people and the citizens of the State of New York. This latest bill which legalizes late term abortion is categorically against the very essence of the will of New York. It is illegal to have a death sentence in New York, however it is now perfectly legal to take the life of those who are least able to defend themselves.This is all done to benefit big pharmaceutical companies who take advantage of these little babies in order to harvest their organs and other tissue for vaccines, and other other activities that disregard life and health. This is a most grievous and heinous act.I believe that we must petition to have governor Cuomo impeached and removed from office. We the people of New York implore the state assembly to move forward with impeachment proceedings, and in parallel effort we submit a formal request to president trump to remove governor cuomo from office.  Again, it has been proven time and again that children in the womb are alive. They are alive from the very conception of LIFE! These babies feel pain and we have now made it legal for the one and only memory they have to be of fear and hate. Let us come together, and remove this tyrant from office! Thank you, God-bless America and God-bless the State of New York.