Hand Recount 10% of NY Primary Ballots

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Hand Recount 10% of NY Primary Ballots

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Election Justice USA started this petition to New York Comptroller Scott Stringer and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

We the people have lost confidence in the results of the 2016 New York Presidential Primary.

As cited by the New York Times and in the Comptroller's letter to Board of Elections there have been widespread voting irregularities in the New York Primary. These problems echo those of the Arizona Presidential Primary.


This petition:

  • Details many of the problems.
  • It calls on the New York Attorney General and the Comptroller's office to appoint an independent investigator to conduct a 10% hand recount of ALL New York Presidential primary ballots that is open to the public and the media.
  • Please sign and share with the hashtag #NYHandCount.
  • More information is below.


  • In the Democratic race there is an unusually large discrepancy between the original Exit Poll results reported by CNN and ABC News (4-5% gap between the candidates) and the almost 16% difference between the candidates in the final results.
  • Because faulty ballot scanners have been identified as a major problem, as well as irregularities with absentee ballots, affidavits and provisional ballots, we are requesting a 10% hand recount of ALL ballots. This recount needs to follow strict hand count protocols under the guidance of a statistical audit expert and be open to scrutiny by the public and the media. If the results of the hand recount are different than the originally reported vote count, we request a full statewide hand count of ALL ballots from this primary. If the results of the statewide hand count are different from the originally reported vote count, the results of the hand count need to be entered as the official Election results.
  • Because Comptroller Stringer is a delegate for the Clinton campaign, we ask that he recuse himself from both this and his current probe of the Board of Elections, and appoint an independent investigator. This petition is non-partisan. We are not looking to improve the results of any candidate, but rather to find out as accurately as possible the intent of the voters. "Dirty" strategies that have been used to benefit one candidate now, may be used later against that same candidate. Or there may be other problems with machine accuracy. We hope to identify these problems for the benefit of all candidates, and the confidence of the public.
  • Our elections have deteriorated. A recent study showed U.S. elections rank worst among Western democracies. Because New York votes on paper ballots we have a unique opportunity in this election to compare the results of a machine count against hand counts and exit polls. This can be a learning moment for the election community, and we call upon all concerned citizens across the country to sign the petition and join this request.


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This petition had 5,704 supporters

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