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New York City MTA: Allow non-service dogs to ride on the subways on-leash

Currently in New York City, only small dogs which can fit into carriers are allowed on public transportation. For dog owners wishing to travel on the subways, this can be a major inconvenience, especially when: you want to take your pet to a park that is outside of walking distance; you want to take your pet to a friend's home that is outside of walking distance; you must take your pet to the vet; or you do not have a suitable dog run in your neighborhood. While taxis are an alternative, many taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers with dogs, and it's also far more costly than a subway ride. Allowing pre-certified dogs to ride in designated dog-friendly cars would provide pet owners with a much-needed transit option, and a new revenue stream for the MTA.

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    Joseph J. Lhota, Chairman and CEO
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  • Office of the Mayor of the City of New York
    Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
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    Bill de Blasio

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