Extend the Q52 Bus into Far Rockaway

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Extend the Q52 Bus into Far Rockaway

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Rockaway Youth Task Force started this petition to New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and

Extending the Q52 from its current terminus at Beach 67th Street to the east into Far Rockaway would:

1. provide faster service and a one-seat ride to over 61,000 Rockaway residents who currently only have local service on the Q22

2. give 75% of Rockaway residents direct bus access to education and job opportunities in central Queens and beyond

3. would provide 85% of low- and moderate-income Rockaway residents with faster service and access to job opportunities throughout New York City compared to the only 20% currently served by the Q52

4. cut commute times for a population that is disproportionately:

             - Black and Latino (74%)

            - Low- and Moderate- Income (53%)

5. offer three times as many working-age residents (almost 50,000 people) access to faster, one-seat service

6. increase service to 33,000 people under 25 and 9,700 people over 65.

7. would bring faster service to an area where:

       - 48% of households lack personal vehicles.

      - 46% of workers rely on transit for their commutes.

      - 40% of workers have daily commutes of an hour or more.

Thus, we ask for the support of Rockaway, New York City, and the World in our push to extend vital service to community residents


We thank the Pratt Center for Community Development for their research and data points regarding the extension of the Q52

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This petition had 407 supporters

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