Wrongfully convicted

Wrongfully convicted

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Started by Anthony Hill

On November 03,1996 the nyc police department arrested me. The charged crime was the 1993 shooting death of SHERROD SUMPTER. The case went to trail in November 1997.

  The Brooklyn district attorneys told the jury "Mr Hill was eluding the police from 1993 the date of the incident up until the police apprehended him in 1996"  the Brooklyn district attorneys also stated to the jury " Mr Hill is 5'8 today he probably grew some this is three years ago we're talking about".

 The Brooklyn district attorneys medical expert testified that the cause of SHERROD SUMPTER death was two entry gun shot wounds to the back.

 In closing arguments the Brooklyn district attorneys told the jury " Mr Hill was the only person standing behind SUMPTER WHEN THE TWO SHOTS WENT OFF that's how we know it was Mr Hill that caused those two bullet wounds in SUMPTER back and nobody else,  he is the only one standing behind SUMPTER "  the Brooklyn district attorneys also stated in closing arguments " ladies and gentlemen of the jury you heard testimony about two other people that was shooting guns during this incident, those people was in the front of Sumpter shooting their guns, not the back of SUMPTER".

I received three documents from the Brooklyn district attorneys office that proves they intentionally mislead the jury, which ultimately lead to my wrongful conviction. Document #1 proves that I was never trying to elude the police department, in fact I served a sentence of community service in 1995 also documents show I was employed in that time frame in question, document #2 proves that as far back as 1991 I was 5'8 tall, the district attorneys had a copy of my state ID, document #3 which is SHERROD SUMPTER autopsy report , the report states that SHERROD SUMPTER cause of death is two gun shot wounds to the chest.

Even when confronted with their own documents the Brooklyn district attorneys continues to mislead the courts. When clearly they have the evidence that proves my innocence of the crime I was convicted of.



866 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!