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Revise the plan for converting all New York City streetlights to LED fixtures to require “fully shielded” fixtures that direct all light downward and LED’s that don’t emit so much blue-rich light.

The current DOT plan will result in a massive increase in light pollution in the City and beyond.

    ●    Light pollution wastes energy and money and causes glare that makes it difficult to see well at night.  Misdirected light crosses property lines and intrudes into homes, disturbing sleep and causing neighborhood disputes.  Well over a thousand studies have documented the adverse effects of light pollution on the environment and on human health.

    ●    DOT’s Street Design Manual states that the standard new LED will be a “semi-cutoff” fixture. The City needs to stop sending light into the sky and use only “fully shielded” fixtures that direct all light downward!

    ●    Furthermore, DOT is specifying that the new fixtures have a “Correlated Color Temperature” of 4300 degrees Kelvin--much too blue.  These will produce 2 to 3 times as much skyglow as the existing streetlights.  And compared to light with a warmer hue, blue-rich light also causes more glare, poses greater difficulties for older eyes, has more damaging ecological impacts, and more readily disrupts human circadian rhythms.  Blue-rich LED’s will also change the character and aesthetics of the City at night, making the warm and vibrant street look like the interior of a sterile corporate office.  The City should not install any streetlights with Correlated Color Temperature greater than 3000 Kelvin.

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