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NYCHA- Donate Excess Land to Help Pelham Bay's Overcrowded Schools.

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Dear Chair Olatoye, CEO Grillo and Chancellor Farina-


We, the understated, petition you today to urge your reconsideration of a proposal to put a 270-seat Early Childhood Facility at Pelham Parkway South and Continental Avenue.   We believe the site you have selected is inappropriate for a variety of reasons (layed out below) and would instead urge that relocate the site to NYCHA operated property behind 3033 Middletown Road, Bronx NY 10461.  

To be clear, we acknowledge that more space is needed within PS 71, which currently houses over 1700 K-8 students this academic year.  It’s worth noting that your facility would only be for students in Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, which would not address the conditions that currently exist within the building itself.   Beyond this oversight, we believe the location is inappropriate for the following reasons:

1.       Pelham Parkway South currently serves as an unofficial speedway allowing motorists to connect between the Hutchinson River Parkway and Interstate 95.  Despite years of promises by the NYC Department of Transportation to substantively address this issue, nothing has been done.   Putting young children who are unfamiliar with traffic safety in this location is a recipe for disaster. 

2.       The site is a mere block away from a supportive housing facility at 1870 Pelham Parkway South.    There have been complaints about panhandling outside of the facility at many meetings of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers.  

3.       A large public school would stand out of context with its immediate surroundings on Pelham Parkway and Continental Avenue.  All of the surrounding properties (save 1870 PPS) are one and two family homes.  A large building may obstruct sunlight from reaching the yards of many existing homeowners.  By contrast, our proposed site outside of 3030 Middletown Road would stand between two already large buildings and would definitely be contextual to its surroundings. 

4.       During rush hour, traffic towards Pelham Bay station is already unbearable.  Adding a school, where many parents would likely double park in order to pick up their children, would congest an already bad roadway and could obstruct bus transportation as well as emergency vehicles on their way to their intended destinations. 

5.       Neighboring schools, such as PS 83 and PS 14 either have or are having their annexes constructed on existing school grounds.   This allows the entire school community to be contained on one site and makes the morning commute easier on parents who would otherwise have to go to two different locations. 

At a joint public meeting of Community Education Council 8 and Bronx Community Board #10 our proposed site was mentioned and the School Construction Authority Officials shared that they had approached NYCHA and they were not open to giving up their land. 

We respectfully ask for serious reconsideration of this proposal, working together you have the power to make this happen!



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