Save bees by having bee boxes in Central Park

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Person B: Uhm. No. I’m super scared of bees.

Person A: Hey, me too. BUT, they are an important factor in the foods we eat. No bees, no good food.


Person A: Yeah, ME TOO. I’ll tell you more about the bees and why we should keep them alive.

Bees are the major pollinators of the foods we eat every day. This means that they are directly responsible for the fruits & vegetables we eat, as well as indirectly for the meats and other plants we enjoy eating.

Who: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

  • We will be appealing to the NYCDPR to start bee colonies in Central Park and persuade them to become more involved in saving bees to preserve daily foods.

What: Save the bees by allowing accessibility to them in a major park

  • A certain area should be dedicated to bees to ensure that they are undisturbed
  • Those passing by should also be informed when they are in an area with bees, as there are many who are afraid of bees.
  • Even if there are bees in the area, they would only become agitated if their work or job is interrupted.
  • Honeybees DO NOT STING.

When: ASAP; bees are continuing to go extinct

  • The sooner the better; although it is nearing summer, it is still possible to cultivate bee colonies and plant more flowers so that pollination continues.
  • When bees can pollinate, they too, in turn, provide us with more vibrant and fruitful colors of spring, summer, and fall. 

Where: Central Park, NYC

  • It is popular and one of the biggest parks in New York City.
  • Also, the optimal place for not only promoting the saving of bees but spreading awareness about this problem.
  • In addition, they can be trusted not to harm or use pesticides against the bees, since Central Park represents and encourages nature.

Goal/How: Have Central Park host and manage bee boxes or bee hives

  • Encourage flower plantings mostly in spring, (summer)
  • Lectures at events about the importance of bees in not only the ecosystem but also our food.

Why: Many bees do not come back alive after colony collapse disorder in hives

  • Not only does saving more bees help them, but us as well
  • Without bees, we humans wouldn’t have much to eat. A variety of fruit and vegetables are pollinated by honey bees.
  • In addition, “pollination is not just important for the food we eat directly, it's vital for the foraging crops, such as field beans and clover, used to feed the livestock we depend on for meat” (


Conclusion: We should care about bees because…

  • Humans and bees are in a win-win type of relationship
  • If we help the bees, they have enough food to survive and we receive honey, ripe fruits, and vegetables because of pollination, among others.
  • Bees are necessary within the ecosystem and without them, most of the food we have today wouldn’t be easily accessible.
  • As humans, we need to do something to help restore Nature. We can help.
  • Instead of fearing insects and brushing them off as nuisances, we should understand that bees do not harm us.