Replace the fitness equipment at Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx NY

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The pull-up bars and most of the equipment in the fitness area of Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx was removed due to, as they explained, “lack of social distancing.” Interestingly enough the, removal of the fitness equipment was not a measure that was used at many other locations throughout the city, which we are certain, the lack of social distancing also occurred. 
Now that all NYC parks are fully open to the public the equipment has yet to be replaced.
Please also note that the manner in which the equipment was removed, would imply that this process will take even longer because instead of disassembling the equipment, it was crudely sawed off.
We love this fitness area and would love to have all of the equipment replaced as soon as possible, including the dip bars which has not been reinstalled for over a year.
The community understands the importance of health, wellness and the ways in which fitness plays a role in our overall wellbeing. This park is our home and we did not appreciate NYC parks department decision to make our home an example of what happens when a small few decide to ignore posted signs and barriers.