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On December 20th 2016, every source of water for drinking or preparing food at George W. Wingate High School ( 600 Kingston ave Brooklyn NY 11203 ) was tested for lead. Lab results showed elevated levels of lead in 28 of the 240 samples.  Each affected fixture at Wingate remains out of service today (Elizabeth A. Rose, Deputy Chancellor of DOE). George W. Wingate High School is one of the 83% of 469 public schools in Brooklyn that carries elevated levels of lead in their water.

Having no access to clean water in our school is a problem connected to injustice and disparity. Wingate Educational Campus is one of the many schools in Brooklyn that holds a huge percentage of minority students (African Americans, Hispanics, and others).  Many other schools in Brooklyn holds a high percentage of non-minority students (Caucasian and European American students) - where this problem does not exist - but Wingate’s lead tainted pipes appear to have been forgotten and dismissed. This issue interferes with the human rights of students, faculty, and others. Not having access to clean water in our school is a severe injustice that needs to be taken seriously - so our school does not have a health crisis such as the one in Flint, Michigan. Fixing our pipes would be the next step to fixing financial disparity and racial inequality in the NYC Department of Education.

We as a community have gathered together to create this petition to raise awareness of that fact that there is NO CLEAN WATER at the George Wingate Educational Campus. By signing this petition, you are agreeing that having no access to clean water is an injustice towards ALL persons attending and/or visiting our school. You are also agreeing that you are willing to involve yourself in the one voice to fight for replacing the pipes to fix our water system. You are signing this petition that you are aware of this problem and you believe we deserve clean water during school hours because water is a human right. Furthermore, this petition will show and be presented to the DOE and other authorities it may concern. We demand a QUICK, COMPLETE, AND CLEAN process of removing lead from pipes, replacing any old pipes, and gain flowing CLEAN water through our schools pipes again so all students can thrive at school.  Sign this petition to show that you stand for justice and equality for all students.  



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