UFT Solidarity says: Carranza Must Resign as NYC DOE Chancellor

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UFT Solidarity is the premier and main opposition caucus of the UFT. UFT Solidarity came in second place in the 2019 UFT Elections.



The one million school children, their families, and the hundreds of thousands of faculty and staff of NYC Public Schools, deserve competent and trustworthy leadership, more so than ever in these increasingly difficult and uncertain times of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mayor and the Chancellor have consistently failed to provide that leadership and instead, continue to create confusion and chaos despite the urging of government representatives, multiple parent and community groups, the teachers union, and other advocates for public education, to work towards a solution that puts the health and safely of our most vulnerable citizens, our children, above and beyond any political pressure to “reopen” and ultimately putting ALL at risk for exposure to COVID-19. 

We are teachers and parents and have read your plan. We still do  not feel safe. We should not return to school unless there has been a minimum of 14 days without new cases. Given the fact that schools have had their budgets slashed, we know this will greatly impact their ability to have adequate custodial personnel needed to clean schools during the day and at night. We do not believe that Chancellor Caranza understands this reality.

THEREFORE we, the undersigned are calling for the immediate resignation and removal of New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, and the creation of a non-partisan, multi-level task force to help assist Mayor DeBlasio to achieve the level of competence critical to ensuring the health, safety, and future of the children and families we serve as NYC educators. 

Signed by:

Lydia Howrilka 

UFT Solidarity Presidential Candidate and UFT Solidarity Council Member

UFT Solidarity Council 

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