Save NYCHA from Private Developers

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New York City's only true Affordable Housing is NYCHA, but New York City elected officials have allowed private developers to get their hands on this massive real estate portfolio.  All elected officials need to be in this fight,  including City Council, State Assembly, State Senators and Congress.

The city has put 3 Plans in place, working with private developers and each plan privatizes NYCHA, whether it's through 99 year leases or options that keep all decisions in the hands of private developers.

City officials knew about this plan for over 15 years, but sat around and supported the private developers every step of the way, while keeping tenants in the dark. NYC incumbent Council and Assembly Members are to blame for allowing it to get this far. In East New York, Linden Houses and Blvd Houses have already been signed over to private developers. We can still stop it and we can stop the rest of NYCHA from being privatized. Elected officials that have been in office from 2005-2020 are directly responsible. They gave developers tax breaks throughout the years and gave up NYCHA in the process. 

Let's find out which NYC Council Candidates and NY State Assembly Members are willing to stand up to developers and stop the tax breaks and stop the privatization of NYCHA.

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