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Philly Bully Team is a small rescue organization run by Marvin and Jessica Graff located in Philadelphia, PA. They are dedicated to saving pit bulls in need, and within the past four months alone, they have saved 30 dogs, including 12 from death row and four huge medical cases. 

At this time, Philly Bully Team is at risk of being shut down due to a civil complaint from New York Bully Crew, a much larger rescue organization whose stated goal is also to rescue dogs-- specifically pit bulls-- in need. Our hope is that by getting enough supporters to sign this petition, we can persuade New York Bully Crew to drop their lawsuit and allow Philly Bully Team to continue saving Philly's dogs. All we want is for both rescues to be allowed to continue their amazing work.

Jessica Graff, co-founder of Philly Bully Team, has explained the current situation on her GoFundMe page, and we are copying it here for full disclosure. The civil complaint is available on the GoFundMe Page for full disclosure as well. 

Here is the GoFundMePage link: PHILLYBULLYTEAM

Here is the story from that page:

"My name is Jessica Graaf. My husband and I run a small pitbull rescue in Philadelphia, Philly Bully Team. We have been Philly Bully Team since February. Before that, we were working with New York Bully Crew under Philadelphia Bully Crew. After spending several months working alongside NYBC, we saw things that we did not like.In our opinion, from how dogs were being treated, to how donations were being solicited, that we thought were unethical, dishonest to donors, and not within the best interest of the dogs that New York Bully Crew claimed to be saving.

We walked away from NYBCs huge following and thousands of dollars to start Philly Bully Team from scratch, as we were left with $0 from any money that had been donated toward Philadelphia Bully Crew. All we had was the social media account that we had started and a few AMAZING fosters that chose to weather the storm with us.

In April, two months later, New York Bully Crew sent us a Cease and Desist letter from an attorney. They stated that they wanted the social media passwords for our rescue, Philadelphia Bully Crew merchandise returned to them (which I had previously offered to return back in February), vaccines that Craig, the president, had sent us when we started-- I had begged Craig to allow us to keep these vaccines prior as we were starting again with nothing and it would be a drop in the bucket for them to buy more vaccines, Also, the vaccines must be refrigerated at all times, making it almost as expensive just to ship them as what they were worth. They demanded that we stop soliciting donations for the dogs we were caring for, and send all medical records pertaining to animals that were in our care when we were associated with them. Instead of using rescue funds to hire a lawyer, I decided to respond to the letter myself.

From April until current, I questioned the safety and status of a dog that we had sent up to NYBC from our local animal control. We believed that the dog would have the best chance of being adopted through the NYBC channel as he was the definition of a blocky-headed pitbull. When this pup, named River, arrived at NYBC. Craig and his staff called us frantic claiming that we had sent them a vicious dog and we needed to take him back. This directly opposed our experience with him, as well as his behavioral assessment at animal control. They then adopted him out about a week later, he bit someone, and was returned. Craig told us again we needed to take him as he was declining emotionally in a kennel environment. We agreed, but then Craig blocked my number after he attempted to trade this dog for the previously mentioned vaccines. (I have the texts to prove it )

There was also an incident where a famous social media account (The Dodo) posted the story of a puppy named Ghost. Ghost was a dog that my husband and I saved from death row, I even named him. We were disappointed that NYBC got all of the credit, despite our involvement. Proper credit given to us could have greatly exposed us to many more supporters and foster homes, in turn, being able to save more Philly dogs. I reached out to The Dodo, as well as making comments on their social media to attempt to fix the story.

Saturday, May 26th, I was served with a civil complaint. The complaint is from NYBC in an attempt to sue my husband and myself for 1.5 million dollars. The charges are-
Defamation- We shared our personal experience working alongside NYBC, and did not have a great experience. 
Breach of Contract (No contract ever existed)
Misrepresentation (We changed our name, logo and made two statements to account cutting ties)
Unjust Enrichment
Commercial Disparagement
Punitive Damages
New York Bully Crew is asking a judge to RESTRAIN us from rescuing dogs, PERIOD. They do not want us to have a rescue or a facility.
They do not want us to have contact with THEIR followers. They want control over THEIR followers.

Since March of 2018, Philly Bully Team has rescued a total of 
30 dogs
12 of them being from death row (we were their last resort)
and 4 HUGE medical cases (Lily, Meatball, Dougie, Sebastian)

Thats A LOT for two people and a small group of fosters.

We believe in total transparency. We will not use funds from our general rescue account on attorney fees, this is why we are asking for the publics help. Our supporters are our friends Our fosters are our family and we keep in touch with as many adoptive families as we can.

Most of you know that pitbulls take up a HUGE majority of the space at Animal Control. They are the ones being put down, they are the ones given up on, they are the ones discarded, abused and neglected. We want to continue to help these dogs. However, if NYBC is able to get a hand over on us, we will have to cease operations. This is our true passion, and we will not go down without a fight, and we hope that our friends and supporters will help us through this nightmare so we can re-focus on what truly matters.. Doggos <3"

Please consider signing our petition to protect our faithful four-legged friends!​




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