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Help Get the Video Evidence of the Beating Death of Mario Ocasio from the NYPD!!

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On the morning of June 8th, 2015 Mario Ocasio was in his apartment when he had a bad reaction to Marijuana and his girl friend, Geneice Lloyd, called EMS for help.

Instead of Emergency Medical Care, about 10 NYPD officers arrived on the scene and proceeded to take Mario into custody by stomping on his face, beating him with their batons, macing him, and ultimately Tasering him to death.

Ms. Lloyd started filming the confrontation with her nephew’s cellphone and caught the officers in the act.

According to the eye witnesses, the video shows that Mario was handcuffed on the ground with more then 7 officers on top of him as he screamed "I AM GOD!!" That's when an unknown NYPD sergeant walked into the room and shot Mario, not once, but twice in the back, killing him as he lay on the ground. Mario's last words before his head hit the floor were, "I SEE GOD!"

An NYPD detective later took the cellphone Lloyd used to record the incident, and it hasn’t been returned since.

Worst yet, NYPD officials tried to cover up the alleged beatdown and Taser usage by making critical remarks about Ocasio to the media, including releasing incorrect reports that he was high on heroin and carrying scissors.

Recently however, reports have come out from the NYPD, that Mario did not have any scissors in his hand, but "he was Tasered because he was violently resisting and fighting." Additionally, all of the eye witnesses and family members verified that Mario was not on heroin (a depressant), nor did he have a known history of heroin use.

Israel Adam Burns represents Mario Ocasio’s mother, Adela Pagan, who is suing the NYPD, the Fire Department and the city in her son’s death.

Burns maintains that the missing video and the department’s public claims that Ocasio used heroin put the NYPD's accountability in a poor light.

“For a person from the outside looking in, the most important thing here is that there was video of the incident that was confiscated—to this day, no one from this administration is commenting as to the whereabouts of that video, or why it was confiscated,” he says. “As you sort of review some of the details that come out, you can see that there's a cover-up. This is the most obvious example of a cover up I've ever seen.”

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