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Apple - Add Your Voice- Justice for the Voiceless Dogs and Cats in China

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Mr Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, There are many petitions out there asking the government of China to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival or to stop the practice of using dogs, cats and other animals for their fur. While it would be great to see all of these practices halted, our goal is a bit more modest than that. We the undersigned are, instead,  asking Apple, as a business with both a progressive social justice agenda and a large presence in China to step in to seek immediate redress in the form of government intervention to IMMEDIATELY at the very least stop the (almost) unbelievably cruel methods used in both in the preparing of dog meat and the skinning of animals to use their fur. We are also asking  Apple to specifically publicly condemn the MANNER in which these activities are currently practiced. In the case of the Yulin Festival, dogs ( and cats)  are burned or boiled alive, or otherwise tortured just prior to being killed because the meat will then be more "tender and taste better.In the case of the fur trade, the animals are  SKINNED ALIVE and then tossed into a pit to die writhing in pain  to die a slow agonizing death alongside other similarly treated animals. This  cruelty is almost incomprehensible and is so patently abhorrent in the civilized world that anyone  found acting in this manner even in an isolated case would be incarcerated for a long time ( or committed to a mental health facility). Obviously thats not the case in China. While we recognize that Apple cannot dictate policy to the Government of China, we also recognize that as a large, profitable and socially conscious company doing business there,  you have an obligation to have your voice counted when the subject of injustice arises. In this case we are asking you to include injustices against these voiceless creatures as well. Again, we  are asking that Apple lodge a formal protest with the Chinese Government and request their intervention to at the very least  stop the manner in which these 2 hellishly cruel practices are occurring for the sake of common decency , and in an effort to establish further dialogue on stopping these practices altogether. We are also asking for Apple to Publicly CONDEMN these practices.

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