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Ban High-Kill Shelters in New York State

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Recently, on Black Friday, the ASPCA Adoption Center promoted kitten adoption by waiving all fees during the process. By doing this, they were able to get many cats adopted by providing initiatives to the adoption. 3 million animals are euthanized in shelters annually. Over the last decade, 250,000,000 companion animals were slaughtered in American shelters. Worldwide, animals are denied a chance at life and are given about 1-3 days to live after the moment that they arrive at the shelter. These shelters run out of space fast; they are given many animals from families who do not want to take care of their pet, or animals who were found abused. If the shelter deems a dog or cat to be too aggressive, timid, fearful, or even too skinny or misfed, the animal will be killed. These inhumane methods include gas chambers, or heart stick euthanization, in which a poison-filled syringe is jabbed through an animal's chest wall. The needle punctures layers of nerves on the way to the heart. If the syringe pulsates, it is in the heart.

Why do we get to say when it is an animal’s time to go if it has the right to live?

Why should they be killed if the shelter lacks space?

A shelter animal is killed every 8 seconds.

Societies are judged based upon how they treat their animals. There are numerous cases of livestock mistreatment as well as general animal abuse. People stab, shoot, drown, strangle, and abandon innocent household pets. Animals are targets of abuse by people - and it is proven that animal abuse is a precursor for human abuse. This is a horrible reflection upon the United States, and humans should speak up for animals that cannot speak for themselves. Animals that are moved to adoption centers and shelters that do not immediately put them down have a better chance at survival and being adopted. We are responsible for protecting these animals and making this ritual illegal. Every animal deserves a loving family to belong to, and will in turn, be a perfect companion.

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