Save the Dayfoot Street tree line in Beeton - Let common sense prevail !

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STOP more trees being destroyed  in Beeton –again.

Dayfoot Street  – has become a major thoroughfare in Beeton- it does need a sidewalk for a large part  of the 1.5kms  – most will agree .

We will be getting  sidewalk on the West  side of the road – from Lilly (9th) Street to Daniele Gate  (mailboxes)- / K2 Milling .

Then suddenly the sidewalk is planned to change  sides to the East side  to avoid Vacant lots  - south of Daniele Gate (mailboxes) . 

Having a sidewalk encroaching the rear of the DA Jones Avenue residents properties will destroy any growth -  in this case 60-70 feet  tall mature Pines and hardwoods .

This portion of  Dayfoot and Centre Street  are the last mature tree lined major streets in Beeton – and they threaten Dayfoot  now with Concrete replacement .

These tree as many of you know – shelter and shade the houses on the West  side of D.A Jones – removing/destroying the trees will increase hydro and heating bills-destroy gardens and devalue the properties .

The Town engineering department  intended informing us  at last minute in a public information meeting – that they were going place sidewalk where trees are instead of the common sense location  by the currently Vacant parcels of land on the west side where the  seed towers were  located .

 They told us they are at 98% stage in design  plants – to put sidewalk  on Tree side of road –  but they cannot proceed any further with design and tender – until they have public information meeting and receive feedback  .

Then council will vote  then to proceed whether to destroy the trees by placing  the sidewalk and water main on wrong side of the road  after they receive feedback –

The Engineering department’s rationale – is that on their design drawings  – they do not even list the trees on the East side of the road  as Trees on the town tree inventory (But they list the 4-5  trees on the west as trees –same trees – even smaller)

They also stated they would like a continuous sidewalk – that would be around Da Jones and Kate Aitken which is of no use to the residents of Da Jones or Kate Aitken Cres as they use the Walkway to Prospect street- which was put there for safety .

Why not an even longer sidewalk on the West side of Dayfoot further to South entrance  of Kate Aitken at Dayfoot- if they want “continuous” .

Another reason they gave for switching to East side for last .6km   - was they did not want a sidewalk in front of Borden  Metals – but yet , it is ok to have one in front of K2 milling ?

The last reason they gave at council  was “they”  did not want a sidewalk crossing driveways – when there could be  a future development at vacant lot locations . What about existing residents of the rest of Beeton where sidewalks cross our driveways – ?

There is a solution,  many agree upon -– which needs only  council approval -

 Continue the sidewalk from Lily  to south entrance of Kate Aitken – put a stop sign there to stop speeding . Then the sidewalk can then switch to East side – to avoid Borden Metals .The Sewerage drain under the road – will remain in place – so no new Environmental assessment is required  as the water main and sidewalk do not require one- ( TNT Engineering department informed us) 

We hope to see many residents of Beeton at the public meeting – but for now – in case you cannot attend – we start by voicing our opposition via Petition -and present to council.

We hope you can support the West side residents of DA Jones Avenue, Beeton – to keep the environment they chose – when they bought their homes originally  and save this integral part of Beeton for all to enjoy .

Tell our  council to take into account, the wishes of the current residents and tax payers of Beeton and New Tecumseth .

 We have suffered enough  collateral damage- dump-trucks,  pot holes  , due to growth – we know we can avoid   this damage – we can stop it before it starts – this is OUR council – and OUR Trees – not the “Town’s “- we are the TOWN.

Thank you for your time in reading this  and support ,by signing the petition .