Stronger Protection Laws and Cameras for Vulnerable disability children and adults in Care

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My beautiful son, James is 26 years old and lives with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. He cannot speak. Recently, my son suffered a shocking head injury at his respite facility, and nobody bothered to inform me or take responsibility. That’s why I am calling for better protection for vulnerable people with disabilities.

It is protocol for disability respite workers to report any incident or injury that occurs during the day. However, not only was I not informed of the injury, the staff at the respite facility denied that any incident took place. 

I think better protection for people with disabilities needs to happen. I think it should be mandatory to have cameras installed in respite facilities and other places of care for disabled persons. We all saw the shocking footage of mistreatment in aged care facilities. We need to have a record of what is happening in disability respite and accommodation  centres.  

Sadly, our recent experience is not an isolated incident. I know of countless other heartbroken mothers sharing stories of their children being abused at respite group homes. Parents live with the constant stress of worry for their disability  child's well-being especially for that child's future care.

As a mother of a son with a disability, It sickens me that nothing is being done to protect people with disabilities. Respite workers are under no obligation to even be questioned for any incident or accident involving vulnerable persons. Police are often reluctant to investigate.  We need stronger laws to protect the vulnerable who can’t fight for themselves unable to even speak up or express themselves . 

We need to be guaranteed safety and protection for our kids if we choose to use respite homes or group accommodation that is permanent . The lack of legal protection for these vulnerable individuals is discrimination and marginalisation of these beautiful people who are human beings with the same fears and same feelings as the rest of us.   Adult persons with disabilities are as vulnerable as children.  We need cameras in respite care homes.

Please, sign and share my petition so we can have stronger laws to protect vulnerable persons with disabilities.

Anndrea Wheatley (Mother and Resilience Psychologist)